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AJAY SHARMA who challenged the fundamental laws of Physics given by Einstein, Newton and Archimedes

Sometimes a formal research degree is not required to do the research work, this has been proved and shown by many people time to time, Ajay Sharma is one of them. Who have focused their energy on basic fundamental laws of Physics. The laws which were given by the worlds renowned scientists are now challenged by Ajay Sharma at different platforms in various countries. He has published 50 research articles in reputed research journals along with two books. His work appreciated around the world and invited a number of times for the invited talk in two times USA, Italy, Russia, two times in UK, Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan, and many more countries. 

Ajay Sharma has been invited by various countries to present his work. He is recognized everywhere (but still fighting in India, where people have a different scientific philosophy for his work). There might be many reasons for it, discussion of that is not a purpose. We all researcher are working for the truth, some people choose defined paths; a traditional path and some people make their own paths for that truth. 

Today Archimedes principle (after 2265 years) have no importance (when people are talking and trying to understand black holes and GOD particles) and approached to MARS. These basic laws are in our textbooks, our children are reading about that, if something is wrong anywhere that should come into the light and nothing is wrong in it, we have to accept it. If Ajay Sharma did try to show light to those points one has to accept their work the way of research, without looking present and future picture of research (traditional research in present scenario).


Ajay Sharma Physics Himachal Pradesh

Mr Ajay Sharma by passion is a Physics Lecturer, he has served as a principal at Education Department, Shimla (H.P.) and presently working as an Assistant Director in 0/0 Deputy Director  of Elementary Education Shimla (H.P.) His research interest mainly are based on 2265 years old Archimedes Principle, 330 years old Newton’s laws, and 100 yrs old Einstein’s  E=mc2  and on various basic fundamental topics.

Ajay Sharma is a known poet in the region, he writes poetry and recited poems at Kavi Sammelan organized by Language And Cultural Department of Govt of Himachal Pradesh ( registered poet) Poetry book  260NAYAY GEET NAYEE GAZALAY. 

A person who inspired for innovative research: Professor Abdus Salam , Pakistani-Nobel Laureate, Founder Director  of International Centre of Theoretical Physics, Trieste Italy

Media highlight for research: Zee TV , IBN Live , MH1 , TV100 and  many other channels shows their work. 

Sponsors of his research: Late father Sh. Dev Dutt Sharma, Wife  Mrs. Anjana Sharma , Dietician Ripon Hospital Shimla

Print : India Today ,  USA Today , Daily Mail ( England, London) , The Hindi , The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The Tribune , The Punjab Kesari, Amar Ujala, Divya Himachal, Jansatta etc.

Ajay Sharma work has been appreciated at different occasions, followings are important  awards
(i)  Shimla Gaurav Award , Govt of Himachal Pradesh , Shimla 171001 HP, Year 2010
(ii)  Himachali of the Year 2012 , Divya Himachal Group of Publications,Year 2012
(iii) Honoured by Language and Cultural department , Shimla HP for composition of poetry on 
      diverse themes Year  2014

1.Beyond Newton and Archimedespublished by Cambridge International Scientific Publishing, CambridgeNo of page 320, Total Chapters 10 

(in press , Cambridge expected in October 2014) 
No. of pages 520, Total Chapters 7 

Ajay Sharma has been invited to over 84 International conferences for presentation of research on Generalization of Einstein's E=mc2 

Want to know more about him, read his interview about the basic fundamental laws of Physics and challenge to Einstein's mass energy equation, read here

Example of questions:
Q. Which equation is given by you instead of E =mc2?
Ajay Sharma: I have given an alternate equation dE=Ac2dm. Here A is coefficient of 10 proportionality. According to new or generalized equation dE=Ac2dm, the energy emitted can be equal, less or more than E=mc2.

Q. You have a new theory of creation of universe. What it is ?

and many more.

NOTE: If someone have any questions he/she can directly approach to him. Ajay Sharma's details are given in his web page, mentioned above.

Important papers published in SCI journal

Ajay Sharma is waiting for an opportunity to meet with Mahamahim Rashtrapati  Sh. Pranav Mukherjee  and Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narinder Modi Ji and apprise then "how can India become the Mentor of World  in fundamental laws of basic Science.

Future planning  of Ajay Sharma is to introduced research in Schools/colleges where people work more optimistically for the sciences.

Scientific biography “As Ajay told me”   or “School to Stockholm”  or may else (being written)

Ajay Sharma research work is supported by the Government of Himachal Pradesh, and Education Department of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla.

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